Maggie’s Opinion on Hunter x Hunter: Episodes 1-41 Review

A dynamic anime poster showcasing all characters from the Hunter Exam arc. Credit: Madhouse Studios

A dynamic anime poster showcasing all characters from the Hunter Exam arc. Credit: Madhouse Studios

Aired between 2011-2014 and spanning across 148 episodes, Hunter x Hunter is a critically acclaimed classic among all anime fans, ranking 10th in popularity on, with an overall ranking of 9th place. As a shōnen anime, the show is action-packed, with battle scenes in every episode, leaving viewers with cliffhangers at every turn.


I’ve never been a huge fan of action anime, as I’ve always preferred slice of life, romance, or comedy anime instead. Due to this, I’ve shied away from shows like Hunter x Hunter Naruto and Dragon Ball disappointed me all too many times, with unnecessary filler episodes and long battle scenes drawn-out just to pass time. But recently I decided, out of the blue, to give the show a chance, and boy let me tell you, I love it!


Gon Freecss, the lovably naive main character, fits the perfect description of a star (of the show). His journey begins when he is finally allowed to take the Hunter Exam, following in the footsteps of his absent father. If one passes the Exam, they are granted a Hunter License, allowing them to track down criminals, beasts, and treasures all across the world. The Exam Arc spans across episodes 1-20, no episode too long, no episode too short – a perfect balance of a moving plotline that still leaves viewers engaged. Along the way, we meet friends like the assassin Killua, the failed doctor Leorio, the vengeful Kurapika, the old man Netero, and some weirdos, like the creepy jester Hisoka, the heartless Illumi, and the mouthless examiner Satotz. Regardless of their backgrounds or intentions, each character is bound to leave a mark with their unique quirks, goofy nature, or unimaginable powers.


After the Hunter Exams, the characters say goodbye to one another … but not for long, or else the show would be way too short! Their next place of gathering will be in YorkNew City, home of the annual Mafia Community’s Underground Auction (beginning circa Episode 41). It is here where revenge will be found, where people will die, where many answers will be revealed, leaving more questions in their place.


If you’re like me, give this show a chance – you will not regret it!


Keep up with me on my Hunter x Hunter viewing experience, expect updates soon.