Eastside’s Bosco Martin-Burrows Excels at National Weightlifting Competition

Eastside senior Bosco Martin-Burrows competed at the USA Weightlifting North American Open Finals this past week in the 61 kg weight class youth division. He performed very well, placing 3rd in total weight, 2nd in snatch, and 3rd in clean and jerk. His performance earned him two bronze medals and a silver medal. Lifting in his first national competition, he performed much better than expected, as he hit a personal record for clean and jerk. 1st place for total weight was Braiden Winslow (1st in clean and jerk and snatch), and 2nd was Kaiden Mima (3rd in snatch and 2nd in clean and jerk). Eastside’s own Noel Walters was expected to place 4th, but could not complete one of his three clean and jerk attempts, scratching himself from the competition. With a total of 180 kg, Bosco set himself up nicely for his entrance into the junior division (18-22 year old) in 2023, with his first two meets tentatively at the Gator Spring Open Meet in March and the Florida State Championships in May. Noel also plans to compete in these meets as a junior. The junior division in Florida will not be easy however, as 2nd year juniors Saul Vega and Jacob Renz seek to crown themselves as the best 61 kg weightlifter in the state. A current student at Arnold High School, Saul Vega is the favorite to win the division at the Florida State Championships, with a 188 kg result at last year’s Florida State Championships. Many expect Saul to reach the 200 kg mark by this year’s Championships. Walters and Martin-Burrows will continue putting in work this season in order to perform at their very best in the upcoming spring competitions.