New Sound Spotlight – Music Recommendations

It can sometimes be difficult to find new music, especially in a world of user-based song recommendations. While suggestion algorithms are really good at telling you what to listen to based on what you know and listen to, they aren’t able to consistently recommend you songs based on more personal or abstract preferences such as instrument choice, vocal style, or kick drum selection (as if you can actually tell). In light of this situation, we’ve decided to list a few songs that can hopefully help you find your next favorite sound.

  • Bible – Imperiet

Bridging the gap between 80s rock ballads and the early stirrings of alternative rock, Bible manipulates the narrative of the first chapter in the book of Genesis to discuss our treatment of the world around us. The song sacrifices biblical accuracy in favor of conveying its intended message, that being a warning about a looming ecological cataclysm. Bible combines familiar sounds with a slightly less conventional approach to rock vocals, likely as a result of the song’s being a work in translation. 

  • Demeanor – Pop Smoke, featuring Dua Lipa

Venturing into the modern pop genre, Pop Smoke offers a new perspective on the classic New York Drill rap style. The utilization of present-day Brooklyn jargon and references to drill culture juxtapose well with the track’s other light hearted lyrics and party beat. Dua Lipa, who needs no introduction, brings an element of confidence, matching the energy of Pop Smoke, while paying homage to the late, great icon. Despite the album Faith being underwhelming to many fans, Demeanor brings an aura of quality that both artists are known for and is a great example of a successful cross-genre experiment, establishing itself as an influential composition. 

  •  The Birdcatcher am I – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Birdcatcher am I found its fame as a single on the leading edge of the final complete record released by the venerable Mozart before his death, The Magic Flute. This masterpiece makes the use of a string orchestra to establish its rhythmic and melodic tenets, and a grounded yet playful solo vocalist acts as the keystone which binds together the song’s lyrical and instrumental domains. 

  • Судно (Sudno) – Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma)

In their second studio album Etazhi, Belarusian post-punk band Molchat Doma illustrates the depressed, bleak lifestyle present in the latter end of the Soviet and the Post-Soviet era in the European Eastern bloc. Using electronic sounds and elements of punk while opting for a slower pace, the dark undertones of the album reaches a climax in Sudno, as the band explores the romanticization of death on the backdrop of the common worker’s struggle to stay afloat.