Eastside’s Top Clash Royale Decks of 2022

Two bridges span the river like stitches across a great gash in the earth. The tension is almost palpable, and the air above the crowd looking on is heavy with anticipation. The stakes couldn’t be higher. More than just 30 trophies are on the line; your very dignity is gained and lost in this arena. Every spell you cast, every card you kite, and every time you fumble a placement could make all the difference. You’ll do anything not to face the abhorred lash of the princess yawning, or an equally painful yet well-deserved hee hee hee haw. 


You may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to help you along your quest to have stories of your exploits sung from the depths of Spell Valley to the peaks of Hog Mountain. According to the highest trophy count player I could find, here are some of the best decks to turn you into a true mid-ladder menace.

Prince Bait

With an average elixir value of 3.8 and a 4-card cycle value of 11.0, this deck offers the best of both worlds: the princess, goblin barrel, and dart goblin enable you to play chip damage, but they also make competent support cards alongside the rascals or prince when countering mini-tanks like the mini P.E.K.K.A or the valkyrie. As long as your placement is on point, you should be able to respond to most common offensive plays.

Splashyard with Valkyrie and Tombstone

This deck weighs in at an average elixir cost of 3.5, and has a 4-card cycle value of 11.0. The guiding principle behind this deck is to utilize the graveyard and/or poison spell as your primary offensive implements. Even though this strategy may be effective, this deck’s greatest appeal is in its defensive potential. Tombstone, tornado, and the valkyrie form an effective counter for a wide gamut of pushes you may face.


Double Dragon Lumberloon

A truly meta deck, and the favorite of local hero Kevin69♥️Men, who can be seen playing in 2nd period Bosworth. Weighing in at a 3.9 card elixir average, this 13.0 elixir 4-card cycle pile is a force to be reckoned with. The upcoming buff to the rage spell dropped by the lumberjack paired with the deck’s freeze spell makes it one of the strongest mid-ladder decks presently in the arena. The bowler and both dragons (sorry electro dragon fans) in the deck also make for a competent response to any threat.