Upcoming Art Exhibition Will Not Disappoint

After two years of hard work, the seniors in Eastside’s IB Visual Arts are ready to unveil their work in their Exhibition. The Exhibition opens on Friday, March 31 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm in Mrs. B’s art room. Opening night is a great way to look at the students’ artwork, observing and conversing with one another and the students themselves.  If you don’t get the chance to stop by opening night, the show will be open all week the following week, from April 3 to the 7th.

The work spans the students’ junior and senior years in art class. From landscapes to abstract art, the Exhibition will showcase work from a variety of styles–displaying not only the technical skills of the students, but the evolution of their artistry. While much of the work they will include will be assessed by IB for their exam, the Exhibition is representative of much more than a markband. Each piece is personal to the artist and their Exhibitions are a journey through their own artistic style and growth. 

As a member of this group myself, I can see my growth as both an artist and a person. The curriculum teaches us to be introspective, to try new things, and to be inspired by one another. While the assessment is individual, the journey has felt like a collaboration between everyone in the show.