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A Comprehensive Review Of Gainesvilles Coffee Shops

A Comprehensive Review Of Gainesville’s Coffee Shops

Emily Liu, Writer June 1, 2023

Recently, I visited as many coffee shops in Gainesville as my parking skills would allow for. It was probably also the only motivation I had to study for my AP exams. There’s something about the aroma...

A Kashmiri boy shouts slogans during a protest outside of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir state in India on Monday. At least 14 protesters died. Illustration: Associated Press

Independent Kashmir: The Incomplete Aspiration

Adnan Khan, Writer April 2, 2023

This article contains three primary sections: a contextualization of Kashmir's political issues, an interview with my father (who grew up in Kashmir), and my thoughts and experiences surrounding the issue....

(California Healthline Illustration; iStock/Getty Images)

Misunderstanding: Why The US Has Drug Pricing All Wrong

Noel Walters, Writer February 27, 2023

According to a 2021 poll, 63 percent of American adults currently use prescription medications. Moreover, 26 percent of this 63 percent say they have trouble paying for their medications. Despite recent...

How Reading A Detective Novel Could Change Your Life

Ajay Pooran, Writer December 2, 2022

As school winds down and winter break quickly approaches, many of us have already begun to ask ourselves what we want to do with the two empty weeks that lay ahead of us. Unlike Thanksgiving Break, we...

5-Star Read: Nightwork by Nora Roberts

5-Star Read: “Nightwork” by Nora Roberts

Elle Henson, Writer September 29, 2022

I have never been a person who really reads romance for fun; they all started to seem a bit too redundant and tacky for my liking. So, when my grandma suggested I read Nightwork by Nora Roberts, an esteemed...

Movie Review: Bullet Train

Movie Review: Bullet Train

Ajay Pooran, Writer September 18, 2022

Early August saw the release of Bullet Train, a well-received action film filled with breathtaking thrills, omnipresent themes, and intricate motifs, and a plot which seems to pull you into it headfirst....

A dynamic anime poster showcasing all characters from the Hunter Exam arc. Credit: Madhouse Studios

Maggie’s Opinion on Hunter x Hunter: Episodes 1-41 Review

Maggie Yan, Writer September 14, 2022

Aired between 2011-2014 and spanning across 148 episodes, Hunter x Hunter is a critically acclaimed classic among all anime fans, ranking 10th in popularity on, with an overall ranking...

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