A Freshman’s Guide to Eastside Clubs

A highly encouraged read for any club-less and confused sophomores, juniors, and seniors as well
A Freshman’s Guide to Eastside Clubs

The Eastside Ramily is characterized by students of all kinds. There is no “one” stereotype, adjective, or personality trait that can apply to all Eastside high school students. The exception to this statement being, of course, that everyone at Eastside is a Ram: respectful, accountable, and motivated (that was for Principal Williams). And more importantly, a large part of being a respectful, accountable, and motivated Ram, is taking part in one, or maybe ten, of Eastside’s most popular clubs. 

Now let’s begin with the most important club at Eastside, The Monthly Ram. I thought this was an obvious choice, but all jokes aside, every club at Eastside is important in unique ways. The Monthly Ram, is a newspaper and online resource responsible for keeping up with Eastside’s current events and everyday happenings. Co-editor in chief, Jibril Bachu, describes the Monthly Ram as a “club that targets disinformation while supporting progress and change within Eastside high school.” Check out the Monthly Ram’s website here and don’t forget to check back in weekly for updates on Eastside’s most exciting news. 

Moving forward, Eastside’s Student Government Association (SGA) is a crucial club at Eastside with a competitive election season for highly sought after leadership positions. Responsible for coordinating some of the most important social events of the year, Homecoming, and Prom, SGA has a long list of tasks to conquer each month. If you are an innovative leader and a capable decorator, contact Mrs. Cole to join. 

Let’s take some time here to mention our Honor Societies, now the list is long, but stay with me as I point out an interesting detail or two for each. Beginning with the French Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society, these are two amazing linguistic clubs that require hardworking and dedicated students who have an avid interest in the cultures of French and Spanish speakers. Now for a different kind of Honor Society, let’s talk about math rams! The Math Honors Society (Mu Alpha Theta), has a large and growing member base, full of math whizzes, pizza vendors, and scrapbook experts. If you are a fan of numbers, or curious on how to improve your calculus, Mrs. Dold and her math team are the people for you. Our second to last Honor society, National English Honor Society (NEHS), is a wonderful club for literature lovers, and this club is also responsible for sponsoring us at the Monthly Ram! Finally, let’s explain our last Honor Society, National Honor Society! This club is for high achievers and well rounded students who wish to be more involved in all kinds of volunteering projects!

The next club I’m going to mention is for nature lovers, aka, all the granola girls and boys of Eastside. You might have guessed this club, it’s time to talk about Seventh Generation! Seventh Generation may be known for their recycling duties, as they are responsible for emptying the recycling bins in Eastside’s classrooms, however, they don’t only recycle, they also partake in all types of nature expeditions to enjoy beautiful Florida landscapes. 

While not necessarily a club about nature, this next club certainly requires you to be outside in nature, it’s time for some frisbee! Ultimate frisbee is a beginner friendly sport, with lots of teamwork and fun events. Ultimate Frisbee also does not require very high commitment, and is a great way to get outside more!

Don’t be overwhelmed Rams, this guide is almost finished, but we do have a few more clubs to discuss. Moving forward with our pre-professional clubs, we have  HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America); this club is great for any students who wish to explore the medical field later in life, and has lots of events catered to the multitude of jobs in the medical world. Although, if you are more interested in business and economics, instead of HOSA, try FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). This club targets those with leadership skills who also want to learn more about marketing and potentially running your own business!

Calling all music connoisseurs, this next club is for you! Eastside jazz club is a great place to learn more about making music, and also a perfect place to connect with other Jazz listeners.

Our last club to be discussed in this guide is Eastside’s newly founded Black Student Union. In the words of Justice Alexander, Vice-President of the Black Student Union, “Eastside’s Black Student Union is a new club on campus dedicated to serving and empowering Black students on the Eastside. Our purpose is to provide a safe and supportive space where Black students can gather, connect, and share experiences.” Further Justice explains how, “Together, we can make a positive impact on campus and beyond, advocating for a more inclusive and equitable society.” 

Alright Rams, that’s all I have for you today! One last piece of advice; highschool is a time where you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Hopefully this guide convinced you to try at least one club you might not have even known about before reading this. 



  1. The Monthly Ram – [email protected] and [email protected] 
  2. Student Government- [email protected] 
  3. Spanish Honors Society- [email protected] 
  4. French Honors Society- [email protected] 
  5. National English Honors Society- [email protected] 
  6. Math Honors Society- [email protected] 
  7. National Honor Society- [email protected]
  8. Seventh Generation- [email protected] 
  9. Ultimate Frisbee- [email protected] 
  10. HOSA- [email protected] 
  11. FBLA- [email protected]
  12. Jazz Club-  [email protected] 
  13. Black Student Union- [email protected] 


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