5-Star Read: “Nightwork” by Nora Roberts

5-Star Read: Nightwork by Nora Roberts

I have never been a person who really reads romance for fun; they all started to seem a bit too redundant and tacky for my liking. So, when my grandma suggested I read Nightwork by Nora Roberts, an esteemed romance novelist, I was skeptical. But in this case, the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” proved all too relevant.


The book completely blew me away. The main character, Harrison Silas Booth, may be the most dynamic, enthralling, and oddly relatable protagonist I have ever encountered in my reading. Taking up the art of theft at the age of nine to financially support his mother who struggles with cancer, Harry blurs the line between right and wrong. He has what he calls “squishy morals,” keeping up rules for himself to keep his stealing ethical. A thief who never carries a weapon, steals only what he came for, and gets in and out without a trace, every single time. A bit of an artist at heart, he falls in love with the art of stealing, and often the art he steals, as well. 


After the death of his mother, the most important figure in his life besides his aunt, Harry sets out to find his purpose, traveling the country to do so. Along the way, he takes on new names, meets new friends, falls in love with his new homes, especially New Orleans, and carries out his “nightwork” jobs as they come. 


One job, though, changes his life in ways he never could have expected. When Harry meets Sebastian, an old, charismatic thief, who needs his help on a job, Harry obliges. But the boss behind that job, the cruel and cunning art collector Carter LaPorte, is all too impressed with Harry’s work. LaPorte sets out to own Harry, to control him.


When Harry settles down in a college town to attend university, studying theater, languages, and literature, he begins to feel safe. He has his own beautiful little home and new friends, learning about what he loves. He is completely blown away when he meets Miranda, a beautiful, intellectual redhead, and the daughter of his favorite professor. He falls head over heels, a dangerous endeavor in his turbulent life. 


So, when LaPorte finds Harry, he is forced to uproot his brand new life once again to carry out the man’s wishes out of self-preservation. Will Harry ever be safe? 


I absolutely give this book 5 stars. The intricacies of Harry’s personality and his interpersonal relationships create a picture of a passionate, loving, and complicated protagonist who will do anything for the ones he loves. This book goes to show just how powerful, and difficult, love can be during hard times, something Harry finds out at a young age. It is a story of growth, desire, passion, and revenge that is undoubtedly worth the read if you have a little extra time on your hands.