Governor DeSantis Proposes The Possibility of Cutting Ties With AP College Board

Florida governor threatens ban on AP following dispute over introduction of African American Studies course


Daniel A. Varela, AP


Recent issues have developed between Governor Ron DeSantis and the AP College Board stemming from a new AP course, African American Studies, which DeSantis criticized as “indoctrination and lacking in educational value,” specifically condemning a lesson proposed for the course on queer theory. Now, DeSantis has indicated a desire to cut all AP courses from Florida schools, instead recommending replacing AP courses with IB, Cambridge, or dual-enrollment classes as alternatives for college credit accumulation.


These sentiments are considered drastic by many, considering how deeply involved the College Board is in current high school curriculums, including provision of advanced classes outside of larger programs and administration of the SAT.


DeSantis’s anticipated bid for U.S. President in 2024 has fueled his recent attacks onWoke” culture, and he has left no progressive stone unturned. For example, DeSantis banned Critical Race Theory courses, restricted schools’ abilities to initiate discussion on race, and passed The Stop WOKE Act, which says racism is not inherent to a race based on past actions, and the Parental Rights in Education Act, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. These attacks on progressive activism are an attempt to broaden his Republican support base who feel politically and socially subverted by The Wokes.


Our curriculum here at Eastside, and many others in Gainesville, rely heavily on Advanced Placement courses. If you feel strongly about whether or not AP courses should be maintained here in Florida, then be sure to follow updates on this issue to make your voice heard in our community.