City Announces Big Funding Increase For Local Skate Park, Looking To Increase Accessibility


Local roller skater Dehza Rezaei started her Instagram “everydaypossumcreek” to document the memorable people and experiences of the skatepark.

In a move that has been welcomed by local residents and skaters, the Gainesville city government has announced plans to build lamp posts to illuminate the Possum Creek skatepark on the northwest side of the city.

The park has been an important place for Gainesville’s youth and culture, providing a location for people of all backgrounds and ages to come together and enjoy their common passion for skateboarding, roller skating, and biking.

 It is unclear whether the decision was influenced by complaints from local skaters and enjoyers of the park, or if the city has taken this initiative on its own.

The new development will see lamp posts installed not only around the skatepark, but the “rail to trail” areas, as well as in parking lots, and near the restrooms, providing ample lighting for the general public to enjoy Possum after-hours, and skaters to continue practicing long after the sun goes down. This will be useful year-round; allowing more time during winter months (when the sun sets sooner) and during spring and summer, whose scalding hot days often limit skaters and locals from enjoying the unshaded parts of the park.

The announcement has been met with excitement from local residents and skateboarders, with many expressing their gratitude for the city’s efforts to improve the skatepark:

“I’m glad Gainesville is putting money into the skate community and it’s going to allow skating without insane Florida temperatures,” says Possum Creek regular Cameron Reno.

The money will come from the city’s Wild Spaces Public Places fund, which has allocated a budget of $152,000 for the installation of the lamp posts. The entire project has been met with minimal opposition, with the only important consideration being light pollution, which city officials state will not be a problem. 

The installation of the lamp posts is expected to begin within the next few weeks, with city officials estimating that the project will be completed in around 6 months. Officials have also stated that the developments will not obstruct the entire skatepark all at once.